Michael Keidar

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The George Washington University

Telephone: 202-994-6929

Email: keidar@gwu.edu


Research Interest

Micro-propulsion and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the George Washington University (GWU) is part of the GW Institute for Nanotechnology (GWIN). GWIN has significant expertise in plasma-based synthesis of nanostructures including carbon nanotubes, graphene and other 2D layered materials.

GWU effort is a part of DOE-sponosred project on plasma-based nanotechnology. Current effort focuses on development of the novel diagnostics for plasma-based synthesis process of nanostructures and complimentary simulation capability. Nanoparticle synthesis region will be determined using high speed probe diagnostics. Probe diagnostic tool will be delivered to PPPL and plasma and nanostructure synthesis software will be employed as an input for PPPL simulation codes.

Honors and Awards

  • 2010     Faculty Fellow for the 2010 Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP)
  • 2009     Outstanding SEAS Young Researcher Award
  • 2006     Research Faculty Recognition Award by University of Michigan
  • 2001     Elected Senior Member, IEEE
  • 1997     Rothshild Fellowship Award
  • 1997     USIA Fulbright Fellowship Awards
  • 1997     Welch Fellowship Award, International Union for Vacuum Science
  • 1995     Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Graduate Student Award

Ten Recent Publications

M. Keidar, A. Shashurin, J. Li, O. Volotskova, M. Kundrapu and T. Zhuang, "Arc plasma synthesis of carbon nanostructures: where is the frontier?", J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 44, 174006 (2011)

O. Volotskova, J. Fagan, J.Y. Huh, F. Phelan Jr., A. Shashurin, M. Keidar, "Tailored distribution of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes from Arc Plasma Synthesis using Magnetic Fields", Asc. Nano. 4, 5187-5192 (2010)

I. Levchenko, O. Volotskova, A. Shashurin, Y. Raitses, K. Ostrikov and M. Keidar, "The large scale production of graphene flakes using magnetically-enhanced arc discharge between carbon electrodes", Carbon, 48, 4570-4574 (2010)

M. Keidar, "Factors affecting synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes in arc discharge"(INVITED PAPER), J. Phys. D; Applied Physics 40, 2388-2393 (2007) (This paper has been selected by the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics as one of the ten most-cited papers published in the Journal in 2007)

O. Volotskova, I. Levchenko, A. Shashurin, Y. Raitses, K. Ostrikov and M. Keidar, "Single-step synthesis and magnetic separation of graphene and carbon nanotubes in arc discharge plasmas", Nanoscale 2, 2281-2285 (2010) (This paper was listed among 17 outstanding papers and reviews on Graphene to commemorate the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics on graphene by Nanoscale)

M. Keidar, I. Beilis, R. L. Boxman, and S. Goldsmith. "2-D Expansion of the low-density interelectrode vacuum arc plasma jet in an axial magnetic field", J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 29, 1973-1983 (1996)

M. Keidar, I.D. Boyd and I.I. Beilis, "Plasma flow and plasma-wall transition in Hall thruster channel", Phys. Plasmas 8, 5315-5322 (2001) (This paper was selected by the Physics of Plasmas as one of its most cited papers in the 50 years of its publishing)

S. Kumar, I. Levchenko, M. Keidar, and K. Ostrikov, "Plasma-enabled growth of separated, vertically-aligned copper-capped carbon nanocones on silicon", Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 151503 (2010)

M G Kong, M Keidar and K Ostrikov, "Plasmas meet nanoparticles-where synergies can advance the frontier of medicine", J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 44 174018 (2011)

O. Volotskova, A. Shashurin, M. Keidar, Y. Raitses, V. Demidov, S. Adams, "Ignition and temperature behavior of a single-wall carbon nanotube sample", Nanotechnology 21, 095705 (2010)