Igor Kaganovich

Principal Research Physicist
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

Telephone: 609-243-3277

Email: ikaganov@pppl.gov


Research Interest

Igor D. Kaganovich, PPPL, is an expert in plasma theory and modeling, and atomic physics. He has extensive management experience in leading research teams, currently serving as an associate director of the DOE Plasma Science Center for Predictive Control of Plasma Kinetics: Multi-phase and Bounded Systems. He is also a deputy head of the PPPL Theory Department. Dr. Kaganovich is leading theoretical and simulation activities and their experimental validation at PBNL.

Research and Professional Experience

  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 2000 - present, Research Associate, Research Staff Physicist, Principal Research Physicist
  • University of Houston, USA, 1998 - 2000, Research Associate
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium, 1997 - 1998, Research Associate
  • Bochum University, Germany, 1996 - 1997, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

  • Honors and Awards

    • American Physical Society Fellowship (2007).
    • Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (1996).
    • Fellowship of Belgian Office for Scientific Technical and Cultural Affairs, Scientific and Technical Collaboration with Central and East Europe (1998).

    Ten Recent Publications:

    M. D. Campanell, A.V. Khrabrov, and I. D. Kaganovich, "Absence of Debye Sheaths due to Secondary Electron Emission", Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 255001 (2012)

    M. D. Campanell, A.V. Khrabrov, and I. D. Kaganovich, "General Cause of Sheath Instability Identified for Low Collisionality Plasmas in Devices with Secondary Electron Emission", Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 235001 (2012)

    M. Dorf, I.D. Kaganovich, E.A. Startsev, and R.C. Davidson, "Enhanced Self-Focusing of an Ion Beam Pulse Propagating Through a Background Plasma Along a Solenoidal Magnetic Field", Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 075003 (2009)

    Oleg V. Polomarov, Igor D. Kaganovich, Gennady Shvets, "Merger of super-Alfvenic current filaments during collisionless Weibel instability of relativistic electron beams", Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 175001 (2008)

    Igor D. Kaganovich, Edward A. Startsev, Adam B. Sefkow, Ronald C. Davidson, "Charge and Current Neutralization of an Ion-Beam Pulse Propagating in a Background Plasma along a Solenoidal Magnetic Field, "Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 235002 (2007)

    I. D. Kaganovich, Y. Raitses, D. Sydorenko, and A. Smolyakov, "Kinetic Effects in Hall Thruster", Physics of Plasmas 14, 057104 (2007) invited papers of APS DPP 2006

    I. D. Kaganovich, O. Polomarov, C. Theodosiou, "Landau damping and anomalous skin effect in low-pressure gas discharges: self-consistent treatment of collisionless heating", special issue of Physics of Plasmas 11, 2399 (2004) invited papers of APS DPP 2003

    I. D. Kaganovich, "Anomalous Capacitive Sheath with Deep Radio Frequency Electric Field Penetration", Phys. Rev. Lett., 89, 265006 (2002)

    I.D. Kaganovich, "Effects of collisions and particle trapping on collisionless heating", Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 327 (1999)

    I.D. Kaganovich and L.D. Tsendin, "The space- time averaging procedure and modeling of the RF discharge", IEEE Transactions on plasma science 20, 66 (1992)