Brentley Stratton

Principal Research Physicist
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

Telephone: 609-243-3639



Research Interest

Brent Stratton, PPPL, is an expert in optical emission spectroscopy and laser-induced diagnostics of plasmas. Dr. Stratton oversee all diagnostic development efforts and their applications at the PBNL.

Professional experience

  • 1998-present:     Principal Research Physicist, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
  • 1991-1998:         Research Physicist, PPPL
  • 1986-1991:         Staff Research Physicist II, PPPL
  • 1985-1986:         Staff Research Physicist I, PPPL
  • 1984-1985:         Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics, The Johns Hopkins University
  • 1980-1984:         Graduate Research Assistant, The Johns Hopkins University
  • 1978-1980:         Graduate Teaching Assistant, The Johns Hopkins University

Five Recent Publications

  1. B. Stratton, M. Bitter, K. Hill, D. Hillis, J. Hogan, "Passive Spectroscopic Diagnostics for Magnetically-Confined Fusion Plasmas",Fusion Sci. Technol. 53, 431, (2008)

  2. B. Stratton, J. Breslau, R. Budny, S. Jardin, W. Park, H. Strauss, L. Zakharov, B. Alper, V. Drozdov, N. Hawkes, and S. Reyes-Cortes, "The Role of Axisymmetric Reconnection Events in JET Discharges with Extreme Shear Reversal", Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 1127 (2002)

  3. B. Stratton, N. C. Hawkes, G. T. A. Huysmans, J. A. Breslau, L. E. Zakharov, B. Alper, R. V. Budny, C. D. Challis, R. DeAngelis, V. Drozdov, C. Fenzi, C. Giroud, T. C. Hender, J. Hobirk, S. C. Jardin, E. Joffrin, P. J. Lomas, P. Lotte, J. Mailloux, W. Park, E. Rachlew, S. Reyes-Cortes, E. Solano, T. Tala, K.-D. Zastrow, and EFDA-JET Contributors, "Equilibria and Stability of JET Discharges with Zero Core Current Density", Nineteenth IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Lyon, France, October 2002, In Proceedings of the Nineteenth IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, (Lyon, France, October 2002), (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna), paper no. IAEA-CN-94/EX/C3-1Rb, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Report no. PPPL-3756 (October 2002)

  4. N. C. Hawkes, B. Stratton, T. Tala, C. D. Challis, G. Conway, R. DeAngelis, C. Giroud, J. Hobirk, E. Joffrin, P. Lomas, P. Lotte, J. Mailloux, D. Mazon, E. Rachlew, S. Reyes-Cortes, E. Solano, and K.-D. Zastrow, "Observation of Zero Current Density in the Core of JET Discharges with Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive", Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 115001/1 (2001)