Vladislav Vekselman

Associate Research Physicist
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

Telephone: 609-243-3904

Email: vekselman@pppl.gov



Vladislav (Vlad) Vekselman, PhD, joined PPPL Department of Plasma Science and Technology in 2015 as an associate research physicist. In 2013-2015, Dr. Vekselman was appointed in Clemson University, Department of Material Science, as a postdoctoral fellow to study and investigate a new class of fiber-based nanomaterials. He earned his PhD and MSc in Physics with a focus on pulsed power and plasma physics from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in 2012 and 2008, respectively. Before moving to Israel, Vlad Vekselman was graduated from the Kazan State University, Russia, with MSc in Physics from Department of Theoretical Physics in 2000. Dr. Vekselman has extensive experience on plasma diagnostics, various plasma sources for electric propulsion and beam generation, microfluidic and physics of 1D nanomaterials. He is a member of IEEE, APS and serves as a referee of PoP, JAP, IEEE TPS and JPP journals.