Charles Gentile

Head of Tritium Systems
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

Telephone: 609-243-2139




Charles A. Gentile is Head of the Tritium Systems at PPPL. He and Dr. Yevgeny Raitses commissioned the first Plasma Based nano-Technology Laboratory at PPPL in 2011. His career spans more than 37 years in the field of nuclear research, fission power production, magnetic fusion research and inertial fusion research. He joined PPPL in 1984 and is a prolific inventor who holds a patent on MINDS, a nuclear detection device that can detect radioactive materials used in nuclear weapons or “dirty bombs.” Other patents include a decontamination system for nuclear materials and a system and method for resolving gamma-ray spectra. His honors include a Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award from the Research and Development Council of New Jersey; a National Excellence in Technology Transfer award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium; and a 2010 Columbus Foundation award for his work on the MINDS nuclear detection device. A graduate of the University of Buffalo.